Thursday, August 26, 2010

TV 089: Sexton Blake - The Vic Flick Sound

The ITV adaptation of the Roaring Twenties detective has a decent reputation but nobody will ever see it again because only one episode (of 50 odd) survives.

Thankfully we have the great theme tune to keep us happy. It was written by Frank Chacksfield and played by The Vic Flick Sound.

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Sexton Blake


Simon said...

Vic Flick is the Bond theme guitar guy? Recently grabbed the VFS West of Windward Like it says, fanbloodytastic!

nlgbbbblth said...

Same one!

Simon Trick said...

Actually, the Vic FLick Sound is NOT performing the 'Sexton Blake' theme tune from the ITV 1967-71 theme tune. I remember it very well and this is definitely not it. Listen to the opening credits of the pilot on Youtube and you'll agree. Not sure which era of Sexton Blake Vic Flick's theme is performing.

Simon Coward said...

This isn't the theme to the Rediffusion series - that was "Music of Mystery" by Don Harper. This is the theme to the 1967 Sexton Blake BBC Radio series starring William Franklyn.

nlgbbbblth said...

Thanks for the clarification Simon x 2.