Sunday, October 28, 2018

TV on DVD schedule w/e 4 November

Monday 29 October
The Cosby Show - 'Olivia Comes Out Of The Closet'
The Wonder Years - 'Unpacking'
L.A. Law - 'Leapin' Lizards'

Tuesday 30 October
The Cosby Show - 'Two Is A Crowd'
French Fields - 'Long Leggedy Beasties And Things That Go Bump In The Night'
The Lotus Eaters - 'There And Back By Candlelight'

Wednesday 31 October
The Cosby Show - 'Clair's Place'
Face To Face - Lord Shawcross
Juliet Bravo - 'The Cut'

Thursday 1 November
The Cosby Show - 'Theo's Future'
Till Death Us Do Part - 'The Royal Wedding'
The Brothers - 'Out Of The Blue'

Friday 2 November
The Cosby Show - 'The Price Is Wrong'
Curb Your Enthusiasm - 'The Shucker'
Mad Men - 'Lost Horizon'

Saturday 3 November
Mannix - 'A Penny For The Peep Show'
The Six Million Dollar Man - 'Steve Austin, Fugitive'
Thriller - 'A Place To Die'

Sunday 4 November
Cannon - 'Night Flight To Murder'
The Chinese Detective - 'Trials'
Barnaby Jones - 'The Price Of Terror'

Sunday, October 21, 2018

TV on DVD schedule w/e 28 October

Monday 22 October
The Cosby Show - 'Warning: A Double-Lit Candle Can Cause A Meltdown'
The Wonder Years - 'Ladies And Gentlemen...The Rolling Stones'
L.A. Law - 'Open Heart Perjury'

Tuesday 23 October
The Cosby Show - 'It's Apparent To Everyone'
Are You Being Served? - 'Lost And Found'
The Price - Episode 6

Wednesday 24 October
The Cosby Show - 'The Iceman Bricketh'
Face To Face - King Hussein Of Jordan
Juliet Bravo - 'Friends And Neighbours'

Thursday 25 October
The Cosby Show - 'Olivia's Field Trip'
Till Death Us Do Part - 'TV Licence'
The Brothers - 'The Golden Road'

Friday 26 October
The Cosby Show - 'For Men Only'
Curb Your Enthusiasm - 'Never Wait For Seconds!'
Mad Men - 'Time And Life'

Saturday 27 October
Mannix - 'A Question Of Midnight'
The Six Million Dollar Man - 'Outrage In Balinderry'
Thriller - 'Murder In Mind'

Sunday 28 October
Cannon - 'Murder By Proxy'
Barnaby Jones - 'The Orchid Killer'

Sunday, October 14, 2018

TV on DVD schedule w/e 21 October

Monday 15 October
The Cosby Show - 'Theo And The Kids, Part 2'
The Wonder Years - 'Alice In Autoland'
L.A. Law - 'Belle Of The Bald'

Tuesday 16 October
The Cosby Show - 'With This Ring'
Are You Being Served? - 'Monkey Business'
The Price - Episode 5

Wednesday 17 October
The Cosby Show - 'There's No Place Like This Home'
Face To Face - Lord Morrison Of Lambeth
Juliet Bravo - 'Talk To Me'

Thursday 18 October
The Cosby Show - 'Particles In Motion'
Till Death Us Do Part - 1972 Christmas Special
The Brothers - 'Windmills'

Friday 19 October
The Cosby Show - 'Pam Applies To College'
Curb Your Enthusiasm - 'Namaste'
Mad Men - 'The Forecast'

Saturday 20 October
Mannix - 'The Playground'
The Six Million Dollar Man - 'The Bionic Woman, Part 2'
Thriller - 'The Colour Of Blood'

Sunday 21 October
Cannon - 'Target In The Mirror'
Doomwatch - 'Sex And Violence'
Barnaby Jones - 'Theatre Of Fear'

Sunday, October 7, 2018

TV on DVD schedule w/e 14 October

Monday 8 October
The Cosby Show - 'Home Remedies'
The Wonder Years - 'New Years'
L.A. Law - 'Fetus Completus'

Tuesday 9 October
The Cosby Show - 'Nightmares On Stigwood Avenue'
Are You Being Served? - 'Calling All Customers'
The Price - Episode 4

Wednesday 10 October
The Cosby Show - 'There's Still No Joy In Mudville'
Face To Face - Professor Jung
Juliet Bravo - 'Chasing The Dragon'

Thursday 11 October
The Cosby Show - 'Cliff And Jake'
Till Death Us Do Part - 'Alf's Broken Leg'
The Brothers - 'Celebration'

Friday 12 October
The Cosby Show - 'Theo And The Kids, Part 1'
Curb Your Enthusiasm - 'The Accidental Text On Purpose'
Mad Men - 'New Business'

Saturday 13 October
Mannix - 'Return To Summer Grove'
The Six Million Dollar Man - 'The Bionic Woman, Part 1'
Thriller - 'An Echo Of Theresa'

Sunday 14 October
Cannon - 'Hounds Of Hell'
Doomwatch - 'Hair Trigger'
Barnaby Jones - 'The Deadly Conspiracy, Part 2'