Thursday, July 29, 2010

TV 077: Please Sir - Sam Fonteyn

Please Sir saw John Alderton as a meek teacher who gradually wins over his unruly pupils. It first aired in 1968 and ran until 1972.

The theme tune is upbeat and frisky. Sam Fonteyn thoughfully included the sound of a school bell in the arrangement.

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Please Sir

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

TV 076: The Persuaders - The London Symphony Orchestra Conducted By Johnny Keating

The Persuaders was magic. Two charismatic and strong leads - Roger Moore and Tony Curtis - combined with some explosive storylines made for a very entertaining watch. Sadly dissolved after a run of 24 episodes due to the US not loving it.

The theme was written by John Barry but the version on offer here is The London Symphony Orchestra's stately arrangement with Johnny Keating at the controls. Grandeur at its best.

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The Persuaders

Sunday, July 25, 2010

TV 075: People In London (Spanish Armada) - The Les Reed Combo

People In London was the title of ITV's 1960s news programme.

It's a rocking theme from the ever-reliable Les Reed.

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People In London (Spanish Armada)

TV on DVD schedule w/e 1 August

Monday 26 July
Crossroads - Episode 2870: December 1977 
British Transport Films - 'Motosport Tries Motorail' (1969)
Monty Python's Flying Circus - 'How To Recognise Different Parts Of The Body'
John Pilger - The Last Dream: Other People's Wars

Tuesday 27 July
Crossroads - Episode 2871: December 1977
Rising Damp - 'Stage Struck'
Porridge - 'Just Desserts'
The Main Chance - 'Body And Soul'

Wednesday 28 July
Crossroads - Episode 2872: December 1977
British Transport Films - 'Discovering Railways' (1977)
World In Action - Eh! What?
Minder - 'The Loneliness Of The Long Distance Entrepreneur'

Thursday 29 July
Crossroads - Episode 2873: January 1978
Sapphire And Steel - Assignment 5: Episode 1
On The Buses - 'The Kids' Outing'
Hadleigh - 'The Diplomat'

Friday 30 July
Crossroads - Episode 2874: January 1978
British Transport Films - 'Current Affairs On The Midland' (1980)
The Famous Five - 'Five Fall Into Adventure, Part 1'
Homicide: Life On The Street - 'Prison Riot'

Saturday 31 July
Crossroads - Episode 2875: January 1978
Man Of The World - 'Death Of A Conference'
Perry Mason - 'The Case Of The Empty Tin'
The Sopranos - 'Fortunate Son'

Sunday 1 August
Crossroads - Episode 2876: January 1978
Space 1999 - 'Guardian Of Piri'
Department S - 'A Ticket To Nowhere'
The Rockford Files - 'The Paper Palace'

Thursday, July 22, 2010

TV 074: Owen M.D. (Sleepy Shores) - Johnny Pearson

Owen M.D. was a spin-off of The Doctors series and ran for two years, 1971 to 1973. Nigel Stock was the main man and the theme was a speeded-up version of a library track that Johnny Pearson recorded for KPM.

Dig that piano!

Comments and feedback are welcome.

Owen M.D. (Sleepy Shores)

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

TV 073: The One Game (Saylon Dola) - Chameleon

The One Game was complex, intriguing and intricate. As a mini-series it worked perfectly and had just one terrestial broadcast - back in 1988. After some consider time, a DVD release followed over 20 years later.

Nigel Hess composed the theme. It's gorgeous.

Comments and feedback are welcome.

The One Game (Saylon Dola)

Sunday, July 18, 2010

TV 072: On The Buses (Happy Harry) - Tony Russell

On The Buses is fondly remembered with good reason - it's bloody funny. It had a great cast, propelled by the masterful Reg Varney, of which just two survive today - Anna Karen and Stephen Lewis.  The humour is often crude and it could not be described as progressive when dealing with sexism and casual racism. However that's part of its charm.

The theme tune is played by Tony Russell.

Comments and feedback are welcome.

On The Buses

TV on DVD schedule w/e 25 July

Monday 19 July
Crossroads - Episode 2826: October 1977 
British Transport Films - 'Golfers In A Scottish Landscape' (1971)
Monty Python's Flying Circus - 'Archaeology Today'
John Pilger - The Last Dream: Secrets

Tuesday 20 July
Crossroads - Episode 2827: October 1977
Rising Damp - 'That's My Boy'
Man About The House - 'My Son, My Son'
The Main Chance - 'What About Justice?'

Wednesday 21 July
Crossroads - Episode 2828: October 1977
British Transport Films - 'The North Eastern Goes Forward' (1962)
World In Action - The Most Widely Used Drug In The World
Zodiac - 'The Horns Of The Moon'

Thursday 22 July
Crossroads - Episode 2829: October 1977
Timeslip - 'The Year Of The Burn Up': Episode 8
On The Buses - 'The 'L' Bus'
Hadleigh - 'Open Verdict'

Friday 23 July
Crossroads - Episode 2830: October 1977
British Transport Films - 'Right Time Means Right Time aka The Pain Train' (1969)
The Famous Five - 'Five Have A Wonderful Time'
Homicide: Life On The Street - 'Hostage, Part 2'

Saturday 24 July
Crossroads - Episode 2868: December 1977
Man Of The World - 'Masquerade In Spain'
Perry Mason - 'The Case Of The Deadly Double'
The Sopranos - 'Proshai, Livushka'

Sunday 25 July
Crossroads - Episode 2869: December 1977
Space 1999 - 'The Missing Link'
Department S - 'Dead Men Die Twice'
The Rockford Files - 'The Gang At Don's Drive-In'

Thursday, July 15, 2010

TV 071: No Hiding Place - Laurie Johnson

No Hiding Place ran from 1959 to 1967 and was an entertaining British police series which proved to be a training ground for a number of character actors.

Laurie Johnson's theme tune is typical of many from that era - booming, rolling drums and a easy melody.

Comments and feedback are welcome.

No Hiding Place

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

TV 070: The Newcomers (Happy Dance) - John Barry

The Newcomers was a BBC soap opera that ran for four years until November 1969. Conceived as a rival to Coronation Street, it never really threatened the ITV behemoth and now remains largely forgotten - not helped by its "missing, believed wiped - aside from three episodes" status.

John Barry's theme tune is a groovy beast that sounds more suited to a spy movie.

Comments and feedback are welcome.

The Newcomers (Happy Dance)

Sunday, July 11, 2010

TV 069: The New Avengers - London Studio Orchestra Conducted By Laurie Johnson

The New Avengers was launched in late 1976 and ran for 26 episodes. While not as lauded as the original series, it certainly has many enjoyable moments.

Once again, Laurie Johnson composed the theme. This version is a re-recording of the original by the London Studio Orchestra under Laurie's direction.

Comments and feedback are welcome.

The New Avengers

TV on DVD schedule w/e 18 July

Monday 12 July
Crossroads - Episode 2819: September 1977 
British Transport Films - 'The Beacons And Beyond' (1979)
Monty Python's Flying Circus - 'The Attila The Hun Show'
John Pilger - The Last Dream: Heroes Unsung

Tuesday 13 July
Crossroads - Episode 2820: September 1977
Steptoe And Son - 'Men Of Property'
Man About The House - 'The Tender Trap'
The Mind Of Mr J.G. Reeder - 'The Investors'

Wednesday 14 July
Crossroads - Episode 2821: October 1977
British Transport Films - 'A Desperate Case' (1958)
World In Action - Castro
Zodiac - 'Sting, Sting, Scorpio'

Thursday 15 July
Crossroads - Episode 2822: October 1977
Timeslip - 'The Year Of The Burn Up': Episode 7
On The Buses - 'Christmas Duty'
Hadleigh - 'Nicola Penn'

Friday 16 July
Crossroads - Episode 2823: October 1977
British Transport Films - 'Lancashire Coast' (1957)
The Famous Five - 'Five Are Together Again, Part 2'
Homicide: Life On The Street - 'Hostage, Part 1'

Saturday 17 July
Crossroads - Episode 2824: October 1977
The Saint - 'The Charitable Countess'
Perry Mason - 'The Case Of The One-Eyed Witness'
The Sopranos - 'Mr Ruggerio's Neighborhood'

Sunday 18 July
Crossroads - Episode 2825: October 1977
Space 1999 - 'Another Time, Another Place'
Law And Order - 'A Prisoner's Tale'
The Rockford Files - 'The Attractive Nuisance'

Thursday, July 8, 2010

TV 068: Nationwide (The Good Word) - John Scott

Nationwide mixed news items with more frivolous stories and spotlights on consumer issues. It ran for 14 years - 1969 to 1983 - and is fondly remembered by the British (and Irish who received BBC) public.

Once again John Scott was the man behind the music.

Comments and feedback are welcome.

Nationwide (The Good Word)

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

TV 067: Midweek - John Scott

Midweek, a current affairs programme on BBC, started broadcasting in 1973.

The super theme tune was performed by John Scott and produced by George Martin.

Instantly recognisable - it's piano and string heaven.

Comments and feedback are welcome.


Sunday, July 4, 2010

TV 066: Mastermind (Approaching Menace) - Neil Richardson

Mastermind is almost as old as I am.

The ominous theme tune was composed by Neil Richardson.

Comments and feedback are welcome.

Mastermind (Approaching Menace)

TV on DVD schedule w/e 11 July

Monday 5 July
Crossroads - Episode 2687: February 1977 
British Transport Films - 'The Travolators' (1961)
Monty Python's Flying Circus - 'It's A Living'
John Pilger - Apartheid Did Not Die

Tuesday 6 July
Crossroads - Episode 2688: February 1977
Steptoe And Son - 'T.B. Or Not T.B.?'
Man About The House - 'Never Give Your Real Name'
The Mind Of Mr J.G. Reeder - 'The Troupe'

Wednesday 7 July
Crossroads - Episode 2689: February 1977
British Transport Films - 'Journey To The Sea' (1962)
World In Action - A Group Of Terrorists Attacked...
Zodiac - 'Saturn's Rewards'

Thursday 8 July
Crossroads - Episode 2690: February 1977
Timeslip - 'The Year Of The Burn Up': Episode 6
On The Buses - 'The Other Woman'
Hadleigh - 'A Letter To David'

Friday 9 July
Crossroads - Episode 2816: September 1977
British Transport Films - 'London For A Day' (1962)
The Famous Five - 'Five Are Together Again, Part 1'
The Adam Dalgliesh Chronicles - 'Cover Her Face': Episode 6

Saturday 10 July
Crossroads - Episode 2817: September 1977
The Saint - 'The Man Who Was Lucky'
Perry Mason - 'The Case Of The Fugitive Nurse'
The Sopranos - 'Funhouse'

Sunday 11 July
Crossroads - Episode 2818: September 1977
Space 1999 - 'Earthbound'
Law And Order - 'A Brief's Tale'
The Rockford Files - 'A Deadly Maze'

Thursday, July 1, 2010

TV 065: Man In A Suitcase - Ron Grainer

Man In A Suitcase remains one of ITC's most intriguing action series with the moody McGill an iconic hero of the golden era.

Ron Grainer's superb composition superpasses most other themes and leaves them for dead. That good.

Comments and feedback are welcome.

Man In A Suitcase