Sunday, October 31, 2010

TV 099: Tales Of The Unexpected - Ron Grainer

One of the greatest anthology series of them all, Tales Of The Unexpected ran from 1979 to 1988 and was made by Anglia Television.
The first two series were largely based on adaptations of Roald Dahl short stories with subsequent programmes focusing on works from other authors.

Ron Grainer's wonderful theme tune accompanied an unforgettable title sequence and lasted for all nine series.

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Tales Of The Unexpected

TV on DVD schedule w/e 7 November

Monday 1 November
Crossroads - Episode 3044: November 1978 
Danger Man - 'Josetta'
Curb Your Enthusiasm - 'Seinfeld'
Northern Exposure - 'Northwest Passages'

Tuesday 2 November
Crossroads - Episode 3045: November 1978
Rising Damp - 'Hello Young Lovers'
Curry And Chips - Episode 1
Man At The Top - 'Fixtures And Fittings'

Wednesday 3 November
Crossroads - Episode 3046: November 1978
Danger Man - 'The Island'
The Magic Fountain - Episode 1
Rumpole Of The Bailey - 'Rumpole And The Blind Tasting'

Thursday 4 November
Crossroads - Episode 3047: November 1978
Timeslip - 'The Day Of The Clone': Episode 1
Yus, My Dear - 'Woman Trouble'
Budgie - 'The Outside Man'

Friday 5 November
Crossroads - Episode 3048: November 1978 
Danger Man - 'The Conspirators'
The Magic Ball - 'The Story Of The City Under The Sea'
Homicide: Life On The Street - 'Kaddish'

Saturday 6 November
Crossroads - Episode 3049: November 1978
Man Of The World - 'Jungle Mission'
Perry Mason - 'The Case Of The Rolling Bones'
The Sopranos - 'The Weight'

Sunday 7 November
Crossroads - Episode 3050: November 1978
Space 1999 - 'Mission Of The Darians'
The Champions - 'The Invisible Man'
Kojak - 'The Best Judge Money Can Buy'

Thursday, October 28, 2010

TV 098: The Sweeney - Harry South

Beyond brilliant, The Sweeney ran for four series between 1975 and 1978 (following a 1974 pilot called Regan).
It paired John Thaw with Dennis Waterman as two no-nonsense 'ard detectives.
The violence was realistic and both leads were far from being perfect.
That made it even more enjoyable.

The theme tune was composed by Harry South.
This is his extended re-recording with some fantastic mid-section guitar playing.

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The Sweeney

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

TV 097: Supercar - The Charles Blackwell Orchestra

Supercar was the Andersons' follow-up to Four Feather Falls.
The plot dealt with a vertical taking-off and landing craft that gave the series its name.

Once again Barry Gray was involved in composing the theme.
This version was recorded by The Charles Blackwell Orchestra and released on a Columbia 45 in 1962.

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Sunday, October 24, 2010

TV 096: Stingray - The Barry Gray Orchestra and Gary Miller

Standby for action! We are about to launch Stingray! Anything can happen in the next half hour!

Stingray was ahead of its time. Made in 1964, set in 2065.
The first supermarionation series to be shot in colour.
Very enjoyable stuff.

The theme tune is sung by Gary Miller and backed by Barry Gray's Orchestra.

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TV on DVD schedule w/e 31 October

Monday 25 October
Crossroads - Episode 3037: October 1978 
Danger Man - 'The Lonely Chair'
Curb Your Enthusiasm - 'The Table Read'
Seven Ages - Haughey And Fitzgerald: Great Adversaries Of The Eighties

Tuesday 26 October
Crossroads - Episode 3038: October 1978
Steptoe And Son - 'Cuckoo In The Nest'
Magpie - Orphaned Film Inserts
Man At The Top - '...A Bit Of Spare And Nothing Else'

Wednesday 27 October
Crossroads - Episode 3039: November 1978
Danger Man - 'The Dead Man Walks'
Mr Trimble - Episode 1
Rumpole Of The Bailey - 'Rumpole And The Old, Old Story'

Thursday 28 October
Crossroads - Episode 3040: November 1978
Sykes - 'Café'
Yus, My Dear - 'The Handyman'
Budgie - 'King For A Day'

Friday 29 October
Crossroads - Episode 3041: November 1978 
Danger Man - 'The Contessa'
Gideon - 'Gideon And The Ferret'
Homicide: Life On The Street - 'Valentine's Day'

Saturday 30 October
Crossroads - Episode 3042: November 1978
Man Of The World - 'The Enemy'
Perry Mason - 'The Case Of The Terrified Typist'
The Sopranos - 'Christopher'

Sunday 31 October
Crossroads - Episode 3043: November 1978
Space 1999 - 'The Infernal Machine'
The Champions - 'The Beginning'
Kojak - 'You Can't Tell A Hurt Man How To Holler'

Thursday, October 21, 2010

TV 095: Steptoe and Son (Old Ned) - Ron Grainer

Well the horse was called Hercules...

Unforgettable theme to a wonderful series that ran from 1962 until 1974.
Harry H. Corbett and Wilfred Bramble being perfectly matched (on screen at least).

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Steptoe and Son (Old Ned)

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

TV 094: Sportsview (Saturday Sports) - Wilfred Burns

Sportsview was the precusor to Sportsnight and commenced broadcasting on BBC in 1954.
Peter Dimmock was the first presenter.

The theme tune was called Saturday Sports and was composed by Wilfred Burns.

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Sportsview (Saturday Sports)

Sunday, October 17, 2010

TV 093: Sportsnight - Tony Hatch

Ah the memories! Sportsnight was a Wednesday night treat, presented by Harry Carpenter, Steve Rider or Des Lynam. It ran from 1968 to 1997 and the winning theme was another Tony Hatch classic.

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TV on DVD schedule w/e 24 October

Monday 18 October
Crossroads - Episode 3030: October 1978 
Danger Man - 'The Relaxed Informer'
Curb Your Enthusiasm - 'Officer Krupke'
Seven Ages -  The Seventies: A Decade Of Terror, Tension And Transformation

Tuesday 19 October
Crossroads - Episode 3031: October 1978
Steptoe And Son - 'The Three Feathers'
Magpie - 13 May 1980
Man At The Top - 'Change Partners'

Wednesday 20 October
Crossroads - Episode 3032: October 1978
Danger Man - 'Find And Destroy'
The Laughing Policeman - Episode 1
Minder - 'The Cruel Canal' (1991 Christmas Special)

Thursday 21 October
Crossroads - Episode 3033: October 1978
Sykes - 'Lodger'
Yus, My Dear - 'The New Bed'
Budgie - 'Twenty Four Thousand Ball Point Pens'

Friday 22 October
Crossroads - Episode 3034: October 1978 
Danger Man - 'The Prisoner'
Hickory's House - 'Humphrey's Flower'
Homicide: Life On The Street - 'Wu's On First'

Saturday 23 October
Crossroads - Episode 3035: October 1978
Man Of The World - 'The Bandit'
Perry Mason - 'The Case Of The Black-Eyed Blonde'
The Sopranos - 'No-Show'

Sunday 24 October
Crossroads - Episode 3036: October 1978
Space 1999 - 'Space Brain'
Department S - 'Soup Of The Day'
Kojak - 'Nursemaid'

Thursday, October 14, 2010

TV 092: Ski Sunday (Pop Looks Bach) - Sam Fonteyn

Ski Sunday has run on BBC since 1978 with Sam Fonteyn's super theme lasting the distance (with some minor amendments). It was originally a Boosey and Hawkes library track, recorded back in 1970.

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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

TV 091: Shoestring - George Fenton

Shoestring is a fondly remembered BBC series from 1979 / 1980. It starred Trevor Eve in the leading role as a private detective cum radio presenter. It ran for 21 episodes before Eve decided that the theatre beckoned. The producers decided to re-locate the programme to Jersey and call it Bergerac.

George Fenton composed and performed the memorable theme tune.

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Sunday, October 10, 2010

TV on DVD schedule w/e 17 October

Monday 11 October
Crossroads - Episode 3023: October 1978 
Danger Man - 'The Coyannis Story'
Curb Your Enthusiasm - 'The Black Swan'
Seven Ages - The Modernisation Of Ireland

Tuesday 12 October
Crossroads - Episode 3024: October 1978
Steptoe And Son - 'Pot Black'
Magpie - 11 April 1980
Man At The Top - 'The Name But Not The Game'

Wednesday 13 October
Crossroads - Episode 3025: October 1978
Danger Man - 'The Brothers'
Michael Bentine's Potty Time - 'North West Frontier'
Minder - 'The Coach That Came In From The Cold'

Thursday 14 October
Crossroads - Episode 3026: October 1978
Sykes - 'Journey'
Yus, My Dear - 'Blackjack'
Budgie - 'Glory Of Fulham'

Friday 15 October
Crossroads - Episode 3027: October 1978 
Danger Man - 'Colonel Rodriguez'
Jamie And The Magic Torch - 'Yoo Hoo Yeti!'
Homicide: Life On The Street - 'Diener'

Saturday 16 October
Crossroads - Episode 3028: October 1978
Man Of The World - 'Shadow Of The Wall'
Perry Mason - 'The Case Of The Prodigal Parent'
The Sopranos - 'For All Debts Public And Private'

Sunday 17 October
Crossroads - Episode 3029: October 1978
Space 1999 - 'The Troubled Spirit'
Department S - 'The Bones Of Byron Blain'
Kojak - 'Slay Ride'

Sunday, October 3, 2010

TV on DVD schedule w/e 10 October

Monday 4 October
Crossroads - Episode 3016: September 1978 
Danger Man - 'The Blue Veil'
Curb Your Enthusiasm - 'The Bare Midriff'
Seven Ages - The Fifties: The Make Or Break Decade

Tuesday 5 October
Crossroads - Episode 3017: September 1978
Steptoe And Son - 'Without Prejudice'
Magpie - 28 December 1979
Man At The Top - 'I'll Do The Dirty Work'

Wednesday 6 October
Crossroads - Episode 3018: September 1978
Danger Man - 'The Lovers'
Tingha And Tucker Club - 13 July 1970
Minder - 'The Odds Couple'

Thursday 7 October
Crossroads - Episode 3019: September 1978
Sykes - 'Cat'
Yus, My Dear - 'Change Partners'
Budgie - 'Do Me A Favour'

Friday 8 October
Crossroads - Episode 3020: September 1978 
Danger Man - 'The Sanctuary'
Issi Noho - 'Panda Sandwiches Are Most Indigestible'
Homicide: Life On The Street - 'Have A Conscience'

Saturday 9 October
Crossroads - Episode 3021: October 1978
Man Of The World - 'A Family Affair'
Perry Mason - 'The Case Of The Lazy Lover'
The Sopranos - 'Army Of One'

Sunday 10 October
Crossroads - Episode 3022: October 1978
Space 1999 - 'The Last Enemy'
Department S - 'A Fish Out Of Water'
Kojak - 'Wall Street Gunslinger'