Sunday, October 31, 2010

TV 099: Tales Of The Unexpected - Ron Grainer

One of the greatest anthology series of them all, Tales Of The Unexpected ran from 1979 to 1988 and was made by Anglia Television.
The first two series were largely based on adaptations of Roald Dahl short stories with subsequent programmes focusing on works from other authors.

Ron Grainer's wonderful theme tune accompanied an unforgettable title sequence and lasted for all nine series.

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Tales Of The Unexpected


Budd said...

I loved this series! One of my favourite episodes was 'The Umbrella Man' with John Mills. The series had great acting, the occasional footage of bygone Britain (shops, cars etc) and ofcourse the eery soundtrack - very appropriate for this time of year! I bought the 'Arm Chair Thriller' boxset. My favs were 'Rachel in Danger' and 'Quiet as a Nun' (which I always remembered for 'The Black Nun'!)

Both series were uniquely British and have a special place in my heart!

nlgbbbblth said...

The female lead in The Umbrella Man is a stunner. Love Armchair Thriller - esp A Dog's Ransom.