Sunday, April 30, 2006

TV on DVD schedule w/e 7 May

Monday 1 May
Seinfeld - 'The Fire'
Hill Street Blues - 'Up In Arms'

Tuesday 2 May
Outside Edge - Series 1, Episode 1
The Sandbaggers - 'First Principles'

Wednesday 3 May
Juliet Bravo - 'Coming Back'
Tales Of The Unexpected - 'A Sad Loss'

Thursday 4 May
Sykes - 'Burglary'
The Power Game - 'Trade Secrets'

Friday 5 May
Press Gang - 'Love And The Junior Gazette'
The Twilight Zone - 'Gramma', 'Personal Dealings', 'Cold Reading'

Saturday 6 May
Man In A Suitcase - 'The Boston Square'
Film: The Killing Of A Chinese Bookie

Sunday 7 May
The Baron - 'Something For A Rainy Day'
The Rockford Files - 'The Case Is Closed, Part 2'

Sunday, April 23, 2006

TV on DVD schedule w/e 30 April

Monday 24 April
Seinfeld - 'The Wife'
Hill Street Blues - 'Choice Cut'

Tuesday 25 April
Till Death Us Do Part - 1972 Christmas Special
Public Eye - 'John VII. Verse 24'

Wednesday 26 April
Juliet Bravo - 'The Runner'
Tales Of The Unexpected - 'The Memory Man'

Thursday 27 April
Indoor League - Episode 6
The Power Game - 'Persons And Papers'

Friday 28 April
Press Gang - 'The Week And Pizza'
The Twilight Zone - 'Welcome To Winfield', 'Quarantine'

Saturday 29 April
Man In A Suitcase - 'Blind Spot'
Film: A Woman Under The Influence

Sunday 30 April
The Baron - 'Epitaph For A Hero'
The Rockford Files - 'This Case Is Closed, Part 1'

Sunday, April 16, 2006

TV on DVD schedule w/e 23 April

Monday 17 April
Seinfeld - 'The Stand-In'
Hill Street Blues - 'Film At Eleven'

Tuesday 18 April
Till Death Us Do Part - 'Alf's Broken Leg'
Public Eye - 'Shades Of White'

Wednesday 19 April
Juliet Bravo - 'Trouble At T'Mill'
Tales Of The Unexpected - 'A Passing Opportunity'

Thursday 20 April
Indoor League - Episode 5
The Power Game - 'Late Via Rome'

Friday 21 April
Press Gang - 'Going Back To Jasper Street'
The Twilight Zone - 'The Elevator', 'To See The Invisible Man', 'Tooth And Consequences'

Saturday 22 April
Man In A Suitcase - 'Web With Four Spiders'
Film: Faces

Sunday 23 April
The Baron - 'Diplomatic Immunity'
The Rockford Files - 'Tall Woman In Red Wagon'

Sunday, April 9, 2006

TV on DVD schedule w/e 16 April

Monday 10 April
Seinfeld - 'The Pie'
Hill Street Blues - 'Double Jeopardy'

Tuesday 11 April
Till Death Us Do Part - 'Up The Hammers'
Public Eye - 'Transatlantic Cousins'

Wednesday 12 April
Juliet Bravo - 'Coins'
Tales Of The Unexpected - 'The Skeleton Key'

Thursday 13 April
Indoor League - Episode 4
The Power Game - 'The Crunch'

Friday 14 April
Press Gang - 'Picking Up The Pieces'
The Twilight Zone - 'Monsters!', 'A Small Talent For War', 'A Matter Of Minutes'

Saturday 15 April
Man In A Suitcase - 'Day Of Execution'
Film: Shadows

Sunday 16 April
Strange Report - 'Lonely Hearts: Who Killed Dan Cupid?'
The Rockford Files - 'Exit Prentiss Carr'

Sunday, April 2, 2006

TV on DVD schedule w/e 9 April

Monday 3 April
Seinfeld - 'The Dinner Party'
Hill Street Blues - 'Can World War III Be An Attitude?'

Tuesday 4 April
Till Death Us Do Part - 'Dock Pilfering'
Public Eye - 'Ward Of Court'

Wednesday 5 April
Juliet Bravo - 'The Draughtsman'
Tales Of The Unexpected - 'Who's Got The Lady?'

Thursday 6 April
Indoor League - Episode 3
The Power Game - 'The Switch'

Friday 7 April
Press Gang - 'Breakfast At Czar's'
The Twilight Zone - 'Still Life', 'The Little People Of Killany Woods', 'The Misfortune Cookie'

Saturday 8 April
Man In A Suitcase - 'Variation On A Million Bucks, Part 2'
Outside Edge - The Original 1982 Play

Sunday 9 April
Strange Report - 'Hostage: If You Won't Learn, Die!'
The Rockford Files - 'The Countess'