Sunday, August 8, 2010

TV 081: The Professionals - The South Bank Orchestra

Bodie, Doyle and Cowley were the main characters in The Professionals which was created by Brian Clemens.

Laurie Johnson's original theme is outstanding and really takes me back to those early 1980s broadcasts. The version here is by The South Bank Orchestra and has been heavily criticised in the past. Pretty undeserved in my opinion - it's pretty funky and well worth a re-appraisal.

Comments and feedback are welcome.

The Professionals


Anonymous said...

My criticism would be that it lacks the punch and impact of the original.

Even without the visuals, the original music is an exciting, upbeat piece of music which implies movement and action.

This version simply reads the music and captures none of the vitality of the original

Sgt Yard said...

The thing I always find interesting about this version is that it was LWT's own official rendition, recorded in 1978 for a TV Themes album on their Weekend Records label. The middle section is excellent, and brings to mind Capris screeching their tyres! Shame about the flat playing of the main theme though, IMHO.