Sunday, April 3, 2011

TV on DVD schedule w/e 10 April

Monday 4 April
Land Of Promise - 'Builders' (1942)
The Adventurer - 'The Not So Merry Widow'
Monty Python's Flying Circus - 'Salad Days'
Northern Exposure - 'Mud And Blood'

Tuesday 5 April
Land Of Promise - 'Words and Actions' (1943)
Steptoe And Son - 'And So To Bed'
Watching - 'Losing'
The Main Chance - 'A Time To Love, A Time To Die'

Wednesday 6 April
Land Of Promise - 'A Diary For Timothy' (1946)
The Adventurer - 'The Case Of The Poisoned Pawn'
Children Of The Stones - 'Into The Circle'
Rumpole Of The Bailey - 'Rumpole And The Age Of Miracles'

Thursday 7 April
Land Of Promise - 'Land Of Promise' (1946)
Dangerous Knowledge - 'Clause For Concern'
Oh No, It's Selwyn Froggitt - 'The Game Of The Name'
Hadleigh - 'Strained Relations'

Friday 8 April
Land Of Promise - 'The Balance' (1947) 
The Adventurer - 'Icons Are Forever'
A Bunch Of Fives - 'Do It Yourself'
After School Specials - 'The Night Swimmers'

Saturday 9 April
Prisoner: Cell Block H - Episode 11
The Saint - 'The Noble Sportsman'
Magnum, P.I. - 'Mr White Death'
The Sopranos - 'Long Term Parking'

Sunday 10 April
Prisoner: Cell Block H - Episode 12
Star Cops - 'Intelligent Listening For Beginners'
All Creatures Great And Small - 'The Salt Of The Earth'
NYPD Blue - 'Where'd The Van Gogh?'

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