Sunday, March 27, 2011

TV on DVD schedule w/e 3 April

Monday 28 March
Land Of Promise - 'Five And Under' (1941)
The Adventurer - 'To The Lowest Bidder'
Monty Python's Flying Circus - 'The War Against Pornography'
Northern Exposure - 'Kaddish, For Uncle Manny'

Tuesday 29 March
Land Of Promise - 'Night Shift' (1942)
Steptoe And Son - 'Back In Fashion'
Watching - 'Twitching'
The Mind Of Mr J.G. Reeder - 'The Treasure House'

Wednesday 30 March
Land Of Promise - 'The Countrywomen' (1942)
The Adventurer - 'Full Fathom Five'
Arthur Of The Britons - 'Go Warily'
Rumpole Of The Bailey - 'Rumpole And The Barrow Boy'

Thursday 31 March
Land Of Promise - 'Summer On The Farm' (1943)
Dangerous Knowledge - 'A Deadly Policy'
Oh No, It's Selwyn Froggitt - 'Daze Of Hope'
Hadleigh - 'A Tale Of Two Paintings'

Friday 1 April
Land Of Promise - 'Listen To Britain' (1942) 
The Adventurer - 'Going, Going...'
Fly Into Danger - 'Take-Off'
After School Specials - 'Tough Girl'

Saturday 2 April
Prisoner: Cell Block H - Episode 9
The Saint - 'The Wonderful War'
Magnum, P.I. - 'Foiled Again'
The Sopranos - 'The Test Dream'

Sunday 3 April
Prisoner: Cell Block H - Episode 10
Star Cops - 'Conversations With The Dead'
All Creatures Great And Small - 'A Present From Dublin'
NYPD Blue - 'Where's 'Swaldo?'

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