Sunday, February 18, 2018

TV on DVD schedule w/e 25 February

Monday 19 February
The Cosby Show - 'The Younger Woman'
The Three Stooges - 'Saved By The Bell'
The Wonder Years - 'Full Moon Rising'
L.A. Law - 'Gibbon Take'

Tuesday 20 February
The Cosby Show - 'The Slumber Party'
The Three Stooges - 'Calling All Curs'
Are You Being Served? - 'Is It Catching?'
Shoestring - 'Another Man's Castle'

Wednesday 21 February
The Cosby Show - 'Mr Quiet'
The Three Stooges - 'Oily To Bed, Oily To Rise'
Sapphire And Steel - Assignment 2: Episode 4
Juliet Bravo - 'Attack'

Thursday 22 February
The Cosby Show - 'Cliff's Birthday'
The Three Stooges - 'Three Sappy People'
The Twilight Zone - 'Queen Of The Nile'
Another Bouquet - 'Reprisals'

Friday 23 February
The Larry Sanders Show - 'Make A Wish'
Cagney And Lacey - 'No Vacancy'

Saturday 24 February
Mannix - 'The Girl In The Frame'
Police Story - 'Chain Of Command'

Sunday 25 February
Cannon - 'Cain's Mark'
Doomwatch - 'Public Enemy'
Ellery Queen - 'The Adventure Of Auld Lang Syne'
This Is England '88 - Episode 3

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