Sunday, January 7, 2018

TV on DVD schedule w/e 14 January

Monday 8 January
Look At Life - 'Cricket On Test'
The Wonder Years - 'Graduation'
L.A. Law - 'Those Lips, That Eye'

Tuesday 9 January
Look At Life - 'Room At The Top?'
Terry And June - 'One Little Pig'
Shoestring - 'The Teddy Bears' Nightmare'

Wednesday 10 January
Look At Life - 'Out Of A Bomb Site'
Sapphire And Steel - Assignment 1: Episode 4
Lovejoy - 'God Helps Those'

Thursday 11 January
Look At Life - 'Behind The World Cup'
The Twilight Zone - 'Number 12 Looks Just Like You'
The Brothers - 'The Judas Sheep'

Friday 12 January
Look At Life - 'Over The Sticks'
The Larry Sanders Show - 'Everybody Loves Larry'
Mad Men - 'The Crash'

Saturday 13 January
Mannix - 'Deadfall, Part 2'
The Bold Ones: The Lawyers - 'The People Against Dr Chapman'
Police Story - 'The Ho Chi Minh Trail'
The Bold Ones: The New Doctors - 'In Dreams They Run'

Sunday 14 January
Cannon - 'Blood On The Vine'
Doomwatch - 'Flight Into Yesterday'
Rockcliffe's Babies - 'A Bad Few Days'
Barnaby Jones - 'Dark Legacy'

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