Sunday, December 17, 2017

TV on DVD schedule w/e 24 December

Monday 18 December
Look At Life - 'Getting Wet'
The Wonder Years - 'The Accident'
Fraud Squad - 'Golden Island'

Tuesday 19 December
Look At Life - 'See How They Jump'
Fresh Fields - 'Brighton Or Bust'
Fraud Squad - 'The Price Of A Copper'

Wednesday 20 December
Look At Life - 'It's A Gamble'
Fresh Fields - 'Happy Returns'
Sapphire And Steel - Assignment 1: Episode 2
Lovejoy - 'Judgment Of Solomon'

Thursday 21 December
Look At Life - 'Queue For The Tee'
Look At Life - 'In The Kart'
The Twilight Zone - 'The Long Morrow'
The Brothers - 'Package Deal'

Friday 22 December
Look At Life - 'Over My Shoulder'
Look At Life - 'Women With Leisure'
The Larry Sanders Show - 'Eight'
Mad Men - 'For Immediate Release'

Saturday 23 December
Mannix - 'Licence To Kill - Limit Three People'
The Bold Ones: The Lawyers - 'Trial Of A Pfc'
Police Story - 'The Ten Year Honeymoon'
The Bold Ones: The New Doctors - 'First: No Harm To The Patient'

Sunday 24 December
Cannon - 'Devil's Playground'
Doomwatch - 'By The Pricking Of My Thumbs'
Rockcliffe's Babies - 'Sweet And Sour Revenge'
Barnaby Jones - 'Friends Till Death'

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