Sunday, August 2, 2015

TV on DVD schedule w/e 9 August

Monday 3 August
Look At Life - 'Under The Rocket'
Seinfeld - 'The Strike'
Blackadder II - 'Bells'
Cold Feet - Series 4: Episode 6

Tuesday 4 August
Look At Life - 'Thunder In Waiting'
Agony - 'From Here To Maternity'
Cheers - 'Uncle Sam Wants You'
Dixon Of Dock Green - 'Jackpot'

Wednesday 5 August
Look At Life - 'A Piece Of Cake'
Seinfeld - 'The Dealership'
The Simpsons - 'Pranksta Rap'
The Professionals - 'Blind Run'

Thursday 6 August
Look At Life - 'Return To Arms'
The Twilight Zone - 'To Serve Man'
Cheers - 'Baby Balk'
The Crezz - 'A Flash Of Inspiration'

Friday 7 August
Look At Life - 'Submarine'
Seinfeld - 'The Reverse Peephole'
The League Of Gentlemen - 'Love Comes To Royston Vasey'
Miami Vice - 'Miami Squeeze'

Saturday 8 August
Carry On Abroad
The Outer Limits - 'The Mice'
Falcon Crest - 'Murder One'
Taggart - 'In Camera'

Sunday 9 August
Carry On Doctor
Espionage - 'Castles In Spain'
Maigret - 'Maigret On Home Ground'
Band Of Gold - 'Revenge'

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