Sunday, May 17, 2015

TV on DVD schedule w/e 24 May

Monday 18 May
British Transport Films - 'Belief In The Future' (1976)
Seinfeld - 'The Package'
The Black Adder - 'Born To Be King'
Hill Street Blues - 'Eugene's Comedy Empire Strikes Back'

Tuesday 19 May
Your Children And You - 'Your Children And You' (1946)
Agony - 'Problem Parents'
Cheers - '200th Celebration: One Hour Special'
New Scotland Yard - 'The Money Game'

Wednesday 20 May
Your Children And You - 'Children Growing Up With Other People' (1947)
Seinfeld - 'The Fatigues'
Children's Ward - Series 1: Episode 13
Bergerac - 'There For The Picking'

Thursday 21 May
Your Children And You - 'Your Children's Meals' (1947)
The Twilight Zone - 'A Quality Of Mercy'
Cheers - 'Bad Neighbour Sam'
The Crezz - 'The Longest Day'

Friday 22 May
Your Children And You - 'The Three A's: A County Modern School' (1947)
Seinfeld - 'The Checks'
Dr Terrible's House Of Horrible - 'Frenzy Of Tongs'
Miami Vice - 'Redemption In Blood'

Saturday 23 May
Video Nasties: The Final 39, Part 4
The Outer Limits - 'The Man Who Was Never Born'
Magnum P.I. - 'The Love-For-Sale Boat'
Taggart - 'Penthouse And Pavement'

Sunday 24 May
Video Nasties: The Dropped 33, Part 1
Espionage - 'The Light Of A Friendly Star'
A Mind To Kill - 'Gameboys'
McCloud - 'Walk In The Dark'

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