Sunday, January 16, 2011

Television Themes Part 1: TV 001 to 030

01 South Bank Orchestra - The Adventures Of Black Beauty (Galloping Home)
02 Orchestra Conducted By Harry Rabinowitz - The Life And Adventures Of Nicholas Nickelby
03 Johnny Pearson - All Creatures Great And Small (Piano Parchment)
04 Alan Parker - Angels (Motivation)
05 Laurie Johnson - Animal Magic (Las Vegas)
06 John Leach - Ask The Family (Sun Ride)
07 Joe Fagin - Auf Wiedersehen, Pet (That's Livin' Alright)
08 Joe Fagin - Auf Wiedersehen, Pet (Back With The Boys Again)
09 Laurie Johnson - The Avengers
10 Booker T. And The MGs - BBC Cricket (Soul Limbo)
11 Keith Mansfield - BBC Wimbledon (Light And Tuneful)
12 The Frank Ricotti All Stars - The Beiderbecke Connection (Cryin' All Day)
13 George Fenton - Bergerac
14 Bobby G - Big Deal
15 David Ordini - The Big Match (La Soiree)
16 Dave Greenslade - Bird Of Prey
17 Dudley Simpson - Blake's 7
18 Dave Mackay - Blott On The Landscape
19 Dave Mackay - Bread (Home)
20 Nick Harrison - Budgie (The Loner)
21 The London Film Orchestra Conducted By Nigel Hess - Campion
22 Barry Gray Orchestra - Captain Scarlet
23 Ted Dicks - Catweazle (Busy Boy)
24 Tony Hatch - The Champions
25 John Cameron - Crimewatch UK (Rescue Helicopter)
26 Tony Hatch - Crossroads
27 Bud Flanagan - Dad's Army (Who Do You Think You Are Kidding, Mr Hitler?)
28 Nigel Hess - Dangerfield
29 The Red Price Combo - Danger Man (Danger Man Theme)
30 Bob Leaper Orchestra - Danger Man (High Wire)

This is a compilation of the first 30 themes from my 2009 / 2010 series.

Comments and feedback are welcome.

TV 001 to 030


Mikey said...

Many thanks for these. Some great themes that bring back alot of memories!

Anonymous said...

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Elgg Themes said...

Wow!! Great Job... Excellent themes... Thanks for sharing....

Anonymous said...

Wow!! Great Job... Excellent themes... Thanks for sharing....

Mr. Craig said...

Some greats of the biz featured here, very nice indeed. Hope to see you over at my place sometime.

Cheers from Mr.Craig