Thursday, November 4, 2010

TV 101: Thank Your Lucky Stars (Like Lucky Stars) - Peter Bright

Thank Your Lucky Stars started in 1961 and consisted of pop groups miming their hits.

The first theme tune was composed and conducted by Peter Bright before being replaced by a Johnny Hawksworth number in 1965.

It was on this programme - and its Spin-A-Disc section, where a panel aired their views on new 45s - that saw the emergence of the wonderful Janice Nicholls.

Oi'll give it foive.

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Thank Your Lucky Stars (Like Lucky Stars)


radioman01 said...

Hi. This was composed by Peter Knight. Hence, Peter Knight and the Nightriders.
Wikipedia doesn't say it, but I'm pretty sure he also wrote Silks & Satins - used as the theme to Emergency Ward 10.

radioma01 said...

Ha ha ha. In my haste to correct one error, I introduced another.
Peter Knight didn't write the music used for Emergency Ward 10. It was Peter Yorke. Sorry! Silly Me. Getting my Peters mixed up.