Thursday, May 6, 2010

TV 059: The Liver Birds (On A Mountain Stands A Lady) - The Scaffold

Oh dolly birds! In 1969 Carla Lane brought us The Liver Birds. It was a hilarious sitcome about the trials and tribulations of two young ladies sharing a flat in Merseyside.

It ran until 1979 and was surprisingly revived for one series in 1996.
Nerys Hughes and Polly James were the birds and the unforgettable theme was sung by The Scaffolds - a band that included Macca's brother Mike.

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The Liver Birds (On A Mountain Stands A Lady)


Stu said...

Love this record - always thought of it more as a 'rap' than sung on the verses - The first British rap record???

nlgbbbblth said...

Definitely at least 10 years before any others Stu!