Sunday, January 3, 2010

TV on DVD schedule w/e 10 January

Monday 4 January
Emmerdale Farm - 17 April 1973
Monty Python's Flying Circus - 'Man's Crisis Of Identity In The Latter Half Of The 20th Century'
Northern Exposure - 'A-Hunting We Will Go'

Tuesday 5 January
Steptoe And Son - 'A Box In Town'
Man About The House - 'We Shall Not Be Moved'
Auf Wiedersehen, Pet - 'Hasta La Vista'

Wednesday 6 January
British Transport Films - 'Work In Progress' (1951)
The Jensen Code - Episode 6
Strangers - 'A Much Underestimated Man'

Thursday 7 January
Tales Of The Unexpected - 'In The Bag'
On The Buses - 'The Snake'
The Forsyte Saga - 'Indian Summer Of A Forsyte'

Friday 8 January
British Transport Films - 'Wash And Brush Up' (1953)
Family Guy - 'Prick Up Your Ears'
Homicide: Life On The Street - 'Justice, Part 2'

Saturday 9 January
The Equalizer - 'Mama's Boy'
Perry Mason - 'The Case Of The Sunbather's Diary'
The Sopranos - '46 Long'

Sunday 10 January
Wonder Woman - 'Knockout'
Department S - 'One Of Our Aircraft Is Empty'
NYPD Blue - 'Burnin' Love'

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