Sunday, December 20, 2009

TV 021: Campion - The London Film Orchestra Conducted By Nigel Hess

Campion, based on the novels by Margery Allingham, was adapted by the BBC in 1989 and 1990 and starred Peter Davison in the leading role.

The 1930s setting is vividly portrayed and the cast is second to none with Brian Glover and Andrew Burt ably assisting the dapper sleuth.

The theme that I'm sharing is the instrumental version that was used for the second series. It's a whimsical piece that goes well with the subject matter and period in question.

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Anonymous said...

the download link leads nowhere ... :-( ... any chance of seeing this re-upped, plz plz plz ?

nlgbbbblth said...

Thanks for your comment.

Check out

Contains TV 001 to 030

mr.goose said...

File unavailable