Tuesday, November 17, 2009

TV 007: Auf Wiedersehen, Pet (That's Livin' Alright) - Joe Fagin

Series 1 of this fondly-remembered series was set in Germany.
It was 1983 and Britain was in the throes of unemployment, presided over by the Queen of Misrule a.k.a. Margaret Thatcher.

Seven lads took the ferry to ply their respective trades in a German building site where much laughter (and a little sobering sadness) ensued. A tightly-knit cast with each member being uniquely talented made for a most enjoyable 13 weeks' viewing.

The closing credits played out to this uptempo and bittersweet track from Joe Fagin. He also sung the opening tune called Breakin' Away.

That's Livin' Alright also featured on the second volume of Now That's What I Call Music.
For years the lyrics puzzled me - "taking snapshots of fun" was actually "drinking schnaps in the sun".

The song perfectly encapsulates the lifestyle for an emigrant brickie.
Work, boozing, ladies, sleep.

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Auf Wiedersehen, Pet (That's Livin' Alright)

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