Sunday, September 20, 2009

TV on DVD schedule w/e 27 September

Monday 21 September
British Transport Films - 'Operation London Bridge' (1975)
Spitting Image - Series 1: Episode 4
John Pilger - Inside Burma: Land Of Fear

Tuesday 22 September
Steptoe And Son - 'The Bond That Binds Us'
Man About The House - 'Two Foot Two, Eyes Of Blue'
Howards' Way - Series 6: Episode 9

Wednesday 23 September
British Transport Films - 'Wires Over The Border' (1974)
Just William - 'A Little Interlude'
Minder - 'Life In The Fast Food Lane'

Thursday 24 September
Fly Into Danger - 'Forced Take-Off'
On The Buses - 'Late Again'
Big Breadwinner Hog - 'Improving, But He Must Not Flout Authority'

Friday 25 September
British Transport Films - 'Groundwork For Progress' (1959)
The Famous Five - 'Five Go Off In A Caravan'
Homicide: Life On The Street - 'Fire, Part 2'

Saturday 26 September
T.J. Hooker - 'Raw Deal'
Perry Mason - 'The Case Of The Drowning Duck'
Inspector Morse - 'The Way Through The Woods'

Sunday 27 September
Quincy - 'The Two Sides Of The Truth'
The Persuaders - 'The Time And The Place'
The Streets Of San Francisco - 'The Hard Breed'

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