Sunday, December 14, 2008

TV on DVD schedule w/e 21 December

The Bill, The Adam Dalgliesh Chronicles and The Incredible Hulk finished their current runs last week.
Instead of starting something new before Christmas, The Bionic Woman, Inspector Morse and The Persuaders will each get two episodes this week.
This will permit their scheduled runs to conclude before the end of the year.

Monday 15 December

The Three Stooges - 'Pop Goes The Easel'
The Office: An American Workplace - 'Branch Closing'
Survivors - 'Mad Dog'

Tuesday 16 December
British Transport Films - 'Cybernetica' (1972)
Inspector Morse - 'Greeks Bearing Gifts': Part 1
Auf Wiedersehen, Pet - 'The Lovers'

Wednesday 17 December
Cardiac Arrest - 'The Glass Ceiling'
Grange Hill - Series 4: Episode 7
Minder - 'The Car Lot Baggers'

Thursday 18 December
British Transport Films - 'Under The River' (1959)
Inspector Morse - 'Greeks Bearing Gifts': Part 2
Mad Men - 'New Amsterdam'

Friday 19 December
The Three Stooges - 'Uncivil Warriors'
Grange Hill - Series 4: Episode 8
The Persuaders - 'Greensleeves'

Saturday 20 December
The Bionic Woman - 'Mirror Image'
The Hardy Boys/Nancy Drew Mysteries - 'Sole Survivor'
Inspector Morse - 'Promised Land'

Sunday 21 December
The Bionic Woman - 'The Ghost Hunter'
The Persuaders - 'The Ozerov Inheritance'
The Rockford Files - 'Coulter City Wildcat'

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