Sunday, March 19, 2006

TV on DVD schedule w/e 26 March

Monday 20 March
Seinfeld - 'The Stall'
Hill Street Blues - 'Presidential Fever'

Tuesday 21 March
Till Death Us Do Part - 'Pigeon Fancier'
Public Eye - 'Who Wants To Be Told Bad News?'

Wednesday 22 March
Juliet Bravo - 'Shot Gun'
Tales Of The Unexpected - 'Absence Of Emily'

Thursday 23 March
Indoor League - Episode 1
The Power Game - 'Point Of Balance'

Friday 24 March
Degrassi Junior High - '...He's Back'
The Twilight Zone - 'Her Pilgrim Soul', 'I Of Newton'

Saturday 25 March
Man In A Suitcase - 'The Girl Who Never Was'
Film: Steptoe And Son

Sunday 26 March
Strange Report - 'Grenade: What Price Change?'
The Rockford Files - 'The Kirkoff Case'

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